Filiberto Valdes
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Filiberto "Rodillo Alto" Valdes moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, a quarter century ago and has not looked back. Considered a top prognosticator among his wagering piers he stopped working his day job over a decade ago to solely concentrate on sports betting. Known throughout the Las Vegas and Nevada sportsbooks as the "Rodillo Alto" (that's High Roller in Spanish) Filiberto has left his unique capping mark on Sin City that will be revered by all for many years to come!

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Filiberto Valdes Release Times
Filiberto "Rodillo Alto" Valdes releases all of his selections overnight. No need to wait and see which way the lines/numbers move as I am the guy that moves them. There are originators and followers in this business. I listen to everybody, but follow nobody. All of my plays originate with me. Get down early before value goes away.
Filiberto Valdes Rating System
All of Filiberto "Rodillo Alto" Valdes selections will be rated from 5 Units to 10 Units.
Filiberto Valdes Money Management
Filiberto "Rodillo Alto" Valdes does not release any small plays that are not worth the clients time. All of my picks are for high units and big dollars. I don't believe in "action" plays or making wager on a televised game so I have something to watch. I am in the sports advisory business to make money for me and my customers who count on me to get the job done day in and day out betting sports. That's what I do!
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